VIP TICKETS for Live New’d Girls at City Winery on Oct 18 at 11:30pm include admission to the pre-show party at the Everleigh Social Club. The party is from 8:30-10pm. If you bought VIP tickets your name will be on the list at the club. CLICK HERE to purchase VIP Tickets.

photo by Jason Adrian

The Everleigh Social Club hosts unique and provocative social gatherings and events.  Our clubhouse, tucked away in Chicago’s West Loop, continues the tradition of the great “artist and model clubs” of the 19th century and modernizes it with an intriguing mix of members that celebrate the decadent life.


- e.e. cummings

We regularly host events, parties, dinners, lectures, holidays and salons as well as “field trips” and destination vacations.  We also have weekly artist gatherings and figure drawing nights that foster the relationship between technical mastery and sensual beauty. You can even visit us for an “open to the public” event to see what we’re all about.

The Rose Room of the original Everleigh Club

We call ourselves The Everleigh Social Club to honor an opulent brothel that operated in Chicago from 1900-1911.  Ada and Minna Everleigh, the madams that presided over it, were purveyors of sensuality and patrons of art.  We endeavor to pay homage to their legacy.