Bordello Drawing Club – Sensual Figure Drawing


club within a club

Members receive all benefits of the Everleigh Social Club.  But we also have a handful of interesting “clubs within a club” for those that want to add to their experience.  We’ve organized these to keep the cost of membership affordable while still making our “aficionado” programming available to those that choose it.

facebook profile picThroughout history, artists have paid beautiful courtesans to sit for their most intimate works.  The world’s masterpieces were made possible by the virtues of these unvirtuous women.  This is what Bordello is all about.  Art, ritual and electrifying sensuality.

Every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm, artists gather at the Everleigh Social Club for a sensual figure drawing session like no other. This gathering is uninstructed.  Afterward we typically hang around eating, drinking and having incredible conversation.  Sometimes we go out to a bar or the like.


$15/ADV – click here


Members can “subscribe” to this club for $43/mo (less than $10/session). For information CLICK HERE.

IMPORTANT: The first Wednesday of every month is often, but no always an hour of drawing and an hour of artist led discussion on a variety of topics. If a month contains five Wednesdays, we will use that fifth Wednesday for a “field trip” which will be announced on the calendar.

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