Congratulations/Sexy Cooking/Makeup Workshop


Michelle L’amour News


Chicago does it again!

Chicago’s very own Frenchie Kiss and Jett Adore claimed the “Best Duo 2012” title at this year’s Burlesque Hall of Fame. Needless to say, we are very proud of them. It was a really tough category but they pulled it off (literally). If you see ’em, give ’em a little shimmy of congratulations.


What’s the recipe for a good time?

  • 3 fresh Beautiful Ladies
  • 4 Cookbooks
  • 1 copy Kitchen Confidential
  • 3 articles from foodie mags
  • 1 Guy Fieri reference

Peel each lady completely and let her marinate on a sofa. Mix in books and bring to a simmer. Read vigorously for two hours. Yeild: One Helluvagoodtime.

Join us for our first ever Cooking Event sponsored by Cooking For Strippers. The girls will be reading savory and sweet things from the annals of the culinary kingdom. PLUS we’ll be providing homemade bites made by the girls!




June 16th, Delia Aces teaches you the tricks of burlesque and pin-up makeup. She is a professional makeup artist and has done makeup for movies, print and stage. This class is highly beneficial if you are thinking of performing or modeling, or just want some great every day makeup tips. $40 includes lashes. Class limit – 15. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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