Art and the Art of Living

We believe life can be lived as a continuing work of art.  This is what drives our club.  Within our community, our members infuse their lives with beautiful experiences that are rare outside our walls.  Here you are encouraged to unplug from the madness and smell the flowers, sometimes literally.

Our membership is made up of artists and their muses, but our definition of art is not traditional.  While we do support painting, music, dance, writing, pottery and the like, we also include linguistics, glass blowing, mixology, comedy, psychology, sexuality and much more.  If you do what you do with a ritual artistry this is the place for you.  We even have members that don’t claim any artistic talent.  Their desire is to soak up the artistry around them into their DNA so that they can live life with a flourish.

In our culture this pursuit seems decadent.  It is.  And that is precisely why we invite you to join us.

The Collection

The Everleigh Social Club is a lush and intimately appointed space, truly outside of your day-to-day experience.  And to heighten this atmosphere we’ve begun putting together what we call the Everleigh Collection.

The Everleigh Collection is a gathering of art (commissioned and collected) and artifacts that contribute to the ambient sensuality of the club.  So far, the collection includes:

  • Actual artifacts from the estate of Ada Everleigh: A perfume jar, ewer, chamber stick, urn, oil jar, two whisky decanters, candle holders, an asian incense burner and an alabaster Venus statue.
  • Decorative Wine Glass and Decanter: used in the celebration of ancient Cyprian rituals.
  • Louis Icart Etching: from Pierre  Louÿs’ Leda
  • Collection of Rodin Heliotypes: sketches of his coterie of live-in nude models
  • Original Silk Screen by David Schneuer
  • Original Signed Etching: L’ÉCOLE DES MARIS by Mauzen
  • Original Print by Nissan Engel: Carmen
  • Original Artwork by Everleigh Artists: Ben Rathbone, Matteo Morse, Neal Tse, Tara Riley, Mike White, Jeff Millies, Tony Peterson, Don Spiro, Franky Vivid
  • Original Pencil Sketch of Leda: by New York artist,
  • 1920’s Pewter Nude Bottle Opener
  • Collector’s Edition of The Seed: with wooden binding
  • Original 1936 First Edition of Come Into My Parlor
  • Alabaster Eros and Psyche by Gino Ruggeri
  • First Edition of Woman and Puppet by Pierre Louÿs
  • Dialogue of the Courtesans by Pierre Louÿs with Etchings by Edgar Degas
  • Collection of hand lathed wooden sex toys: from the Utopian Novelty Company

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