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12-2-10 Rodin

“And for him who has eyes to see, nudity offers the richest meaning.” – Rodin, as quoted by Paul Gsell in “Art”.

11-30-10 Duncan

“…A slender body
Soft & white
Is for the Service
of my delight.
Two sprouting breasts
Round and sweet
Invite my hungry
Mouth to eat
From when two nipples – firm and pink
persuade my thirsty – soul to drink
& lower still a secret place
Where I’d fain hide my loving face…
My kisses like a swarm of bees
Would find their way between thy knees –
& suck the honey from they lips
Embracing thy two slender hips…” – Isadora Duncan to her lover Mercedes de Acosta

11-24-10 picasso

“Art can only be erotic.” – Pablo Picasso

10-25-10 Edith Hamilton

“Though the outside of human life changes much, the inside changes little…” – Edith Hamilton, The Greek Way

10-14-10 Nin

“I disregard the proportions, the measures, the tempo of the ordinary world. I refuse to live in the ordinary world as ordinary women. To enter ordinary relationships, I want ecstacy.” – Anais Nin


10-13-10 Schiele

“Even an erotic work of art can be sacred.” – Egon Schiele

10/12/10 – C.P. Cavafy

A day comes to some people when
they must pronounce the great Yes or the great No.
It is instantly clear who has the Yes within,
ready; and by uttering it, he crosses over to

his honor and conviction. The one who
refuses has no remorse. If asked again,
he’d say no again. And yet that No –
the right No — weighs him down to his life’s end.

-C.P. Cavafy (1901, translated from the Greek by Willis and Aliki Barnstone)