Club Policies

  • You have been issued Membership Credentials (found at the end of this handbook). These will be required to check in to the club for any events. Even if we begin to know your face, or if you weren’t asked to present your credentials the last time you were at the club, you may be asked this time. Please understand that you must present your credentials and may be turned away without it. If you lose your credentials, a new one may be obtained for $10 by contacting
  • The club is only for use by those aged 21 and up.
  • Dress code – No beach wear (sandals, shorts etc). Jeans are okay. Sweat pants and shirts are not. This is a nice place. Look nice. (The only exception is “Bordello Drawing Club”). Some events have specific dress codes which will be communicated. Please follow these details when planning your appearance.
  • No smoking in the club or on the fire escape. If you must smoke, you must leave through the front entrance and smoke at a distance of at least 15 feet from the entrance to the building.
  • No illegal activity of any kind. Don’t even cheat on your taxes here. Obviously, this includes drug use and the like.
  • Members and guests may not use the swing. For many reasons, including your safety, the swing is reserved for trained staff.
  • No abusive language. Respect other members, guests and the lovely staff.
  • This is an incredibly open place, but you have the obligation of being respectful. We have zero tolerance for predators of any kind.
  • We are no longer BYOB. We do offer a Concierge Bottle Service with special privileges to our members. Please drink responsibly.
  • Members and their guests must adhere to any instructions, decisions, etc made by club management and staff.
  • No photos. On certain occasions we will allow photographs. But in general they are a no-no. Plus, your memories are better than your Instagram, I promise.
  • We offer several “Clubs Within a Club”, some of which require additional fees or subscriptions.
  • Your membership can be canceled at any time, for any reason (or none at all) by you or the management of the club. In the event of cancellation, any remaining balance of membership dues or subscriptions fees to a “Club Within a Club’ will not be owed or refunded.
  • If a member lapses in paying dues or subscription fees to a “Club Within a Club”, they must petition the Membership Board to reinstate them. If this lapse occurs for more than 30 days and the member is reinstated, the dues or subscriptions fees will be assessed at the current rate, no matter what the rate for that member was previously.
  • Members have 5 guest passes available for certain events at the discretion of club management. These “passes” appear as stars on your Club Credentials and will be punched after each use.
  • When purchasing a reservation for an event (either [MO] or [OTP], the applicable member rate is for Members In Good Standing only. If the event is [OTP] or you have used a “guest pass”, your guest must pay the public rate.
  • The Everleigh Social Club reserves the right to refuse service and/or membership to anyone at any time for any reason, or no reason at all.
  • These policies may be changed at any time by Everleigh Social Club management. An up to date list of policies can always be found at

Updated 9.Oct.2013